Entrepreneurship 5 Year Program (E5YP)




UBEnX (UBiquity Educational network eXperience) and PQIT (PQ Innovative Technologies) have joined forces to implement an eLearning Entrepreneurial Program that will allow anyone over 18 years old (with a strong desire to be Entrepreneur) to participate in the Program.  

Steps to Join E5YP Program

1. Check your eligibility by filling this form.

Eligibility Form

2. You will be notified with the eligibility results through email for recommended program (Learner/Scholar/Entrepreneur)

3. If you are qualified, please Signup as an Affiliate (Individual) here.

Signup As an Affiliate (Individual)

4. Verify your email address (Check your Spam if not in Inbox).

5. Login as an Affiliate on ubenx.com  Login 

6. Come back to this Page.

7. Click on below courses based on eligibility as received on email.

Registration For Entrepreneur - $9999

Registration For Scholar - $5000

Registration For Learner - $1000

8. Pay the Registration amount (Non-Refundable) by clicking Pay Now Button.

9. Allow us 24 Hours time for on-boarding.

10. You will receive welcome email and your fund balance will be credited with $4800 to purchase the E5YP lessons.

11. You are ready to go.

The Cost Of E5YP

This annual cost of the Program is approximately $20,000 per Entrepreneur per Year.  This cost only incurs when the Entrepreneur generates revenue. Therefore, NO REVENUE, NO EDUCATIONAL COST! THIS IS OUR GUARANTEE TO EACH ENTREPRENEUR!


An article was written by BY JOHN ELKINGTON AND RICHARD JOHNSON for fastcompany.com  which states, “We Need Breakthrough Business Models, Not Breakthrough Technology”


We have both the “Breakthrough Business Model and Breakthrough Technology”! 

We are currently looking to partner with individuals and organizations that promote Entrepreneurship in America and globally. The Entrepreneurial Program is projected to train 100,000+ Entrepreneurs over the next 10 years in the USA alone.




What to expect from E5YP! 

Let’s get a general understanding of what E5YP entails.  First, the Program will not teach you how to be a programmer or a web designer!  The business application courses that you will learn will be for end-users only!  So do not expect any technical courses in IT, software development or software design nor hardware development or hardware design.  E5YP will teach, train and develop the Entrepreneur into a successful Entrepreneur.  Remember this is your business and we are partnering with you! Our main goal is for you to be successful and in return, both companies (i.e., UBEnX and PQIT) will have success.

What will the Entrepreneurs be marketing?

The Entrepreneur will be marketing the Learning and Earning Management System (LEMS) software (web-based software).  PQIT will issue a Master Software License to each Entrepreneur that will allow the Entrepreneur to market the software throughout the USA and many parts of the world! The Entrepreneur will begin generating revenue within the first 90 days of the program. In addition, there will be ten (10) revenue sources for the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur is projected to earn in the first year of full operation approximately $65K to 85K; by the fifth year of full operation, the Entrepreneur is expected to gross approximately $250K to $350K!  PQIT will also provide business support service and customer support services for the Entrepreneurs. The annual cost of the Program is approximately $20,000 per Entrepreneur.  This cost only incurs when the Entrepreneur generates revenue. Therefore, NO REVENUE, NO EDUCATIONAl COST! THIS IS OUR GUARANTEE TO EACH ENTREPRENEUR! 


Key Benefits in E5YP

E5YP provides great opportunities for the Entrepreneur.  Here is a list of some of the key benefits:

1. A temporary Master Software Licence Agreement (MSLA) to market our software anywhere in the world. After the Entrepreneur has complete the Program, full access to the MSLA will be granted.

2. A Revolutionary Business Model:

a. To share the wealth that is generated in the Tech Industry and the Educational Industry.

b. To eliminate the debt associated with Education.

c. To eliminate the debt associated with developing a business.

3. A Revolutionary Learning and Training Software (LEMS):

a. Pays you to learn.

b. Pays you to train.

c.  Allows you to participate in revenue sharing while developing your business.

4. Ten (10) Revenue Sources that will allow you to be successful in developing your business as an Entrepreneur.

1) Commission from the Annual Paid Plans.

2) Bonus for Free Plan.


3) Cashback on courses completed.


4) Revenue from LEMS per Client.

5) Referral Commission on Scholar and Entrepreneur Registration.

6) Sponsorship Commission on Education Revenue Sharing in First and Second Year


7) Referral Revenue Sharing when referred Three (3) “New” Entrepreneurs.


8) Sponsored LEMS,

9) Quarterly Bonuses,

10) Yearly Bonuses.

Another key benefit is the LEMS Software has been developed over a five year period, tested in the marketplace, and improved in its design and functionality over the last 12 months.  In addition, there will be support services that will assist the Entrepreneur in marketing to their clientele!


This Program is a 5-Year Program that will educate and train the Entrepreneur how to develop a successful business. Here are some areas:

1. How to apply for a business license and how to open a business bank account.

2. How to market our web-based software application(s).

3. How to develop business skills in communication and presentation.

4. How to operate and manage a business, including how to manage money through budgeting and financial planning.

5. How to use business applications such as Microsoft and Google applications.

6. How to develop a greater level of learning and understanding through

a) Practical Knowledge, 

b) Spiritual Knowledge,

c) ACTical Knowledge, 

d) Discoverativity as they relate to the development of your business and your development as an Entrepreneur.


No prior experience is required!  The Entrepreneur will begin to generate revenue within the first 90 days in the program.  This unique Program will not burden the Entrepreneur with any Student Loan Debt, business loans or incur any outstanding educational costs.  The cost of the Program will be paid for through a percentage of the revenue generated by the Entrepreneur.

If You are ready to become an Entrepreneur please click the link below to see you can qualify for our Entrepreneurship Program.

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